Hand-crafted TVC, corporate and narrative films. 

I love special effects, emotion, and simplicity. 

Represented by Agence Colette 

Official music video

Produced by Intrepide Productions. 


 Many thanks to
Pierre-yves & Elisabeth Chays, Marie Laroche, Guillaume Balvay, Arnaud Belligoi, Maxime Plaisantin, Malina Ioana Ferrante, Camille Geoffray, Emeric Jorat, Pascal Jacquet,

William Mermoud, Charlotte Robin, Marco Pascal, Maël André, Vincent Ramond, Pierre-Loïc Precausta, Florian Crozillard, Jean-Phillipe Mariani, Sabine Mendy, Carine Paquier, Joël Ruf,

Alex Méant, Lucie Lesqueren, Emmanuel Gillibert, Jacques Mariat, Yann Fiorello, Frederic Relange, Frederic Gaëtan, Catherine Gautier, Arnaud Blanc, Carmen Laroche, Michelle Yeoh

 and many more, for their work, thrust and help. 

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